Concrete Foreman - Starting Salary $23.87

Coordinates, leads, and assist with the work of carpenters, laborers, and finishers to build heavy concrete structures such as headwalls, inlets, wing walls, retaining walls, concrete slabs, and etc. Also, experienced in the maintenance of roads and bridges along with pipe laying. Crews consist of 3-6 individuals and include skilled and semi-skilled workers using a variety of trucks, heavy equipment motorized and non- motorized tools.

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Essential Job Functions

A.            Supervises a crew in performing concrete work associated with complex road and bridge construction and maintenance projects.

  1. Supervises a concrete crew engaged in building headwalls, driveways, inlets, wing walls, retaining walls, slabs, curbing and various other concrete structures.
  2. Have the ability to figure amount of concrete and rebar required to complete various jobs and requisition materials and supplies.  Also, have the ability to shoot the grades associated with various structures. 
  3. Monitors work in process & makes on the spot corrections when necessary.
  4. Lead a crew to perform routine maintenance on county roads and bridges.
  5. Able to lay pipe on various projects.
  6. Corrects minor rule infractions and reports major problems to supervisor.
  7. Orients new employees on the job and arranges for on the job training.
  8. Plans and advises supervisor of equipment and supplies needed on the job.
  9. May operate a variety of equipment as needed on the job.
  10. Use of survey instruments to include standard & laser levels.


B.            Monitors safe operation of equipment, and ensures the proper maintenance of assigned equipment.

                1.             Observes crew members to assure that safety rules and procedures are observed.

                2.             Schedules regular preventive maintenance on all assigned equipment.

                3.             Schedules major repairs on assigned equipment.

                4.             Plans for necessary parts and supplies for routine maintenance of equipment.


C.            Keeps required records and assists with right-of-way clearance and associated tasks.

                1.             Maintains records and prepares reports for use in estimating costs and materials required.

                2.             Keeps records of hours worked by crew members.

                3.             Keeps records of supplies and materials used, and equipment utilization.

               4.            Assists with right-of-way clearance, cuts bushes and trees, mows grass, removes and replaces fences, etc.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1.             Knowledge of the materials, methods, and techniques used in the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

2.             Knowledge of the operation of various types of heavy equipment and trucks.

3.             Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety practices associated with the work.

4.             Ability to read and understand construction plans, specifications, and layouts.

5.             Ability to make accurate estimates of time and materials needed for projects.

6.             Ability to give directions and gain compliance from a crew of workers.

7.             Ability to plan, assigns, and coordinate the work of subordinate personnel engaged in construction and maintenance activities.

8.             Ability to understand and follow complex oral and written instructions.

9.             Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.

10.          Math skills to read grade stakes, add, subtract, multiply and divide.


Minimum Qualifications

                High School or Vocational School Diploma or G. E. D. certificate plus four years of experience in road and bridge construction and maintenance.


                Other:  Valid Driver’s License

Job Description

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