*Current Employees Only* Vehicle Registration Manager

Supervises the vehicle division of the Office of the Probate Judge. Directs the work of two subordinate supervisors responsible for the efficient operation of the division. Revise procedures as needed to conform to changes in laws and regulations. Assist in resolving unusual situations regarding vehicle tags and titles, balance monthly reports and oversee the training new employees.

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A.    Supervises the vehicle division of the office of the Probate Judge, which includes tag issuance, title applications, MLI issues, and collecting taxes and fees

1.    Oversees the vehicle division to assure that taxes and fees are collected as prescribed by law and in accordance with departmental procedures
2.    Oversees the training new employees assigned to the division
3.    Plan, organize and coordinate the work of the division, taking care to assure that there is adequate staff during peak work times
4.    Schedules and approves vacation and time off for supervisors and coordinate unit staffing 
5.    Assists supervisors in counseling employees regarding job performance and complete     performance evaluations.
6.    Assists the public in obtaining tags and titles by explaining requirements, and handling unusual situations
7.    Contacts State Revenue Department and other state agencies to obtain information to insure full function and compliance of Department.
8.    Works with chief clerk on planning and organizing changes within the office
9.     Manages clerks that go out into the community
10.    Works with the IT department to help maintain the computers to be sure they are working properly
11.    Assist clerks with problems that may occur when they are helping customers
12.    Coordinates with the IT department concerning issues with the State

B.    Coordinate the unit collections, assure that there are adequate supplies, assure that records are maintained in accordance with requirements, and prepare reports as needed

    1.    Coordinates information with unit supervisors to reconcile and balance monthly reports and refunds
    2.    Orders supplies, such as tags, title forms, receipts, and other supplies needed by clerical staff
    3.    Coordinates computer system update with data processing to comply with legal     requirements
    4.    Modifies and updates procedures to conform to changes in the law, inform supervisors and plan for implementation of changes as needed

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

1.    Knowledge of the Code of Alabama and Office procedures as it pertains to the collection of taxes and fees associated with vehicles
2.    Knowledge of the principles of management and supervision
3.    Knowledge of the Office of the Probate Judge operating policies and procedures
4.    Knowledge of Business English, spelling, and arithmetic
5.    Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment
6.    Ability to read and understand written instructions, directives, manuals, laws, and regulations
7.    Ability to provide guidance and instruction to new employees
8.    Ability to balance money collected on a daily basis
9.    Ability to communicate with subordinates, peers, and the general public in a polite manner
10.     Assist with opening and closing polls on Election Day. 

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