Social Security Exemption

To be eligible for the exemption to the sanitation fee, Social Security Benefits must be the only source of income for all individuals in this household. If any person in this household receives any other type of income, the household is not eligible for the exemption. No other sources of income can be received by anyone residing in the household including compensation for services, gross income derived from business; gains derived from dealings in property; interest; rents; royalties; dividends; alimony and separate maintenance payments; annuities; income from life insurance and endowment contracts; pensions; income from discharge of indebtedness; distributive share of partnership gross income; in respect of a decedent; income from an interest in an estate or trust, etc.

Items needed along with the application:

  1. A copy of the last three bank statements of all checking accounts for each individual in your household who receives income.
  2. If you do not have a bank account, provide the last three statements from your Direct Express Card.

Social Security Exemption Application

Dumpster Exemption

The dumpster exemption only applies to my residence, business, and/or Mobile Home Park and does not qualify anyone else for a similar exemption.

Dumpster Exemption Application

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