Road & Bridge Permits

Driveway Application

Driveway Application

  1. The pipe shall be installed at a minimum length of 24 feet (for sloped end pipes this length is required before the sloped section begins) and a maximum length of 60 feet per parcel of land, unless approved by the County Engineer. There shall be a minimum 1' cover over the driveway pipe. There will be a maximum of two (2) driveways per parcel. Only new aluminized corrugated metal (14 gauge minimum), new reinforced concrete pipes with sloped ends (45 degrees), or new High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe (must meet AASHTO M 294, Type S or ASTM F2648 (recycled plastic) standard and purchased from an approved supplier). The appropriate headwalls will be required on all types of pipe. For concrete sloped headwalls, contractor will be required to sign a headwall agreement and headwalls shall be installed at a 2:1 slope. HDPE pipes are not allowed to be cut and must have metal end treatments. Only contractors approved to this permit being requested shall be approved to install said pipe.

  2. Total Pipe Length:
  3. Procedure Applicant requesting the driveway must mark the location of the center of the proposed access point with white flagging ribbon or identification markers. An employee of the Road and Bridge Department will size the pipe and inspect the proposed location. Once the location is approved, the applicant will be contacted with what size and type pipe is needed, Then the applicant will then contact the approved contractor to have the driveway and pipe installed. Once the ditch has been graded and the pipe has been placed, an employee of the Houston County Road and Bridge Department must inspect the installation of the driveway prior to placement of fill material over the pipe. Please e-mail completed permits to and The applicant must call (334) 792-4149 to schedule an inspection of said pipe a minimum of two business days prior to the placement of fill material over the pipe.

    Procedure I, the undersigned, will comply with all conditions, restrictions and regulations of the pipe policy of the Houston County Commission and the Houston County Road and Bridge Department related to the installation of the proposed driveway and pipe stated in this permit. I hereby assume all liability for and save Houston County responsible from any and all claims for damage arising out of the work to be done herein, any damage done by the continued use of the driveway and pipe, and any repairs, maintenance, or upkeep related to the driveway pipe for two years after installation. I also agree to repair any damages to the driveway pipe that create drainage issues on Houston County Rights-of-Way.

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