Road & Bridge Permits

Utility Work

Utility Work Permit

Guidelines for Utility Work on Houston County Right of Way

  1. Installation Guidelines
    Facilities along the public right-of-way shall be installed according to the specifications established by the County Engineer's Office in compliance with the current State Standard for Utilities on Highway Right-of-Way. Installation should create the least interference with any ongoing roadway project in the area.
  2. Financial Requirements
    For roadway bores and trenching (per mile), the contractor must provide the County with a Certified Check or Surety Bond, effective for two years. Upon full compliance the County will return the surety; otherwise, it will be used to cover any necessary right-of-way repairs.
  3. Responsibility and Claims
    A two-year maintenance period for the right-of-way where construction occurred is agreed upon by the contractor. For that duration, any damage claims to private property, public utilities, or the public due to the installation or repair work are the responsibility of the contractor.
  4. Spacing and Placement Requirements
    Water, sewer, cable, gas, and underground power lines should be a minimum of 36 inches away from the pavement. Utilities must be placed behind or within the ditches of dirt roads. Minimum depths shall be 36 inches on shoulders, 42 inches under a ditch, and 46 inches under roadway. Anything extending above the ground must not exceed 2 inches unless it's located at the back end of the right-of-way. Manhole tops and water line valve boxes should be level with the ground and not placed in ditches.
  5. Equipment Limitation
    Track-type equipment is not permitted on the pavement.
  6. Roadway Guidelines
    Asphalt or concrete roads, driveways, or parking lots should not be open-cut; they must be bored and encased.
  7. Traffic Control Measures
    Traffic control measures must comply with the current edition of the "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices."
  8. Restoration Commitment
    The contractor must restore the right-of-way to its pre-construction condition or better.
  9. Notification Requirement
    The Houston County Road & Bridge Department must be notified 48 hours before the work start date and upon completion of the construction.

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