The purpose of a tax appraisal is to create a tax appraised value of the property to administer ad-valorem tax fairly and equally. The State of Alabama requires the reappraisal department to establish values and a county index. County appraisers annually review for changes to the property by review of building permits, property owner requests, or recent sales. Owners are responsible to make sure the property is correctly assessed by notifying the Revenue Commissioner's office of any removal or adding improvements. Some examples would be remodeling, swimming pools, additions, etc.

To qualify for current use, owners must have at least 5 acres of land or 6 acres if you have a home on the property. This may include pastureland, farmland or timberland. When land is used for any of these purposes the property is allowed to be assessed at current use value instead of fair market value. Current use forms may be retrieved from the reappraisal department at the Revenue Commissioner's office or on our website under the download section. Current use applications must be received by December 31st for it to apply for the following year. Once you have signed up, you do not need to sign up every year. Current use will be removed if property ownership changes in which the new owner must sign up, or if the use of the property changes.

Appraised Value
(2024 appraised values. BOE deadline is June 8, 2024)

Department Supervisors

Tami McNeil
Chief Revenue Clerk

Michelle Parker
Deputy Chief Clerk

Wendy Parker
Assessing Supervisor

Greg Holland
Chief Appraiser

Shannon Martin
Business Personal Property Appraiser/Auditor

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