Tax Sale

Any parcel with delinquent property tax will be auctioned off at a public sale annually.


The tax sale is held at the Houston County Commission Chambers located on the third floor at 462 North Oates st. The sale begins at 10:00 a.m. and continues until all properties have been sold.

Required Registration

Registration is required prior to the commencement of sale with a $100 security deposit which can be applied to the first winning bid or refunded if there are no successful bids. Registration begins the week immediately preceding the sale, ending Thursday before Tax Sale.

Bidding Process

Anyone wishing to purchase tax property must appear in person. Public auction bidding will start at the amount advertised in the Dothan Eagle. (Can also be found in the link)

Purchasing Property at Tax Sale

  • Payment in full is required by 2 p.m. on the sale day.
  • Payment options include: Cash, Money Order, or Certified Funds.
  • Personal checks and credit cards will NOT be accepted.
  • A Certificate of Land Sold for Taxes will be tendered after the sale is finalized usually within one week. These will be sent by mail.

After the Tax Sale Purchase

The property can be redeemed at any time within the first 3 years from the date of the Tax Sale. The owners of said property can redeem this property through the Judge of Probate. The principal, plus interest, at the time of redemption is refunded to the purchasers of the tax lien. The current rate of interest is 8% annually. The certificate of sale is then null and void. A tax deed cannot be issued until 3 years from the date of the tax sale. At that time the purchaser must surrender his certificate to the Judge of Probate, who then issues a tax deed.

Properties Not Sold at the Tax Sale

Any properties not purchased at the Tax Sale by individuals or companies, are sold to the State of Alabama. If you are wishing to buy tax delinquent property you must contact the Alabama Department of Revenue and they will only accept certified checks for these properties. You may search for Tax Delinquent property for sale here.

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