New property owners, please be aware — scams by mail are out again. These scams are requesting payment to record your deed/ claim homestead. If they do not have our letterhead, they are not from our office. Please contact us at 334-677-4747 if you are unsure.

See the fraud letter example for a comparison.

All of the exemptions named are available on primary residence only. Applicant cannot have a homestead on any other property anywhere else.

Contact the Assessing Department at 334-677-4717 or 334-677-4753 for information concerning:

  • Homestead Exemptions
  • Age 65 or Older Exemption
  • Disability Exemptions
  • Other Exemptions, blind or deaf
  • Classifications
  • Assessment Values
  • Adding or Removing Improvements on Property
  • Address Changes
  • Estimated Tax Amounts

Any person who has purchased a home or acquired a home through a will, divorce decree or any other vesting document during a tax year (October 1st through September 30th) who is not over 65 years of age and is residing in that home is entitled to make application immediately for a homestead exemption for the next year. Once this exemption is granted by the Revenue Commissioner it is not necessary to repeat the claim as long as such person continues to live in the home where the exemption is granted. Anyone 65 or older, or permanently and totally disabled, may claim a special homestead exemption. Special homestead exemptions must be claimed every year during the months of OCTOBER through DECEMBER. Failure to complete and return the special homestead application will result in the loss of the special exemption and the owner will receive the lesser exemption.

If the property owner owns land and manufactured home they are required by law to furnish a bill of sale, title (year 2000 or newer) and pay casual sales tax in our office if purchased from an individual.


*add $30.00 fire fee per residence/commercial building or manufactured home outside Dothan City limits.
**$.10 per acre (statewide) timberland tax
(please contact the Assessing Dept. to figure an age 65, disability, blind or deaf exemption)

Municipality Examples

Rural Examples (not in a Municipality)

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